Human Inactivity Detection Triggered Emergency Messaging Service

Send Messages to Your Family, Friends, or Enemies in Case Something Happens to You!

If something happened to you...
  • Would your pets starve to death?
  • Would anyone know that you may need help?
  • Would your family know the passwords to your accounts?
  • Would your family know where to find your important documents?
  • Would there be anything that you don’t want left unsaid?
  • Would you have the last word in an argument?

GHOSTMEMO® can help! With a GHOSTMEMO® account, you can prepare messages to be sent to your emergency contacts when you become unresponsive (due to death, coma, loss of consciousness, kidnapping, immobility, or any other reason).

How It Works
When you fail to respond to our periodic "proof of life" email requests within your designated "inactivity" time period (set by you), GHOSTMEMO® will send your emergency messages to your emergency contacts. We use inactivity detection to determine when to send your messages - kind of like a Dead Man's Switch - but more like a Dead Man's (or Unconscious Man's) Messaging Service.

Who Would Benefit Using Our Service
  • Pet owners that want to protect their pets by notifying others to take care of their pets in case owner becomes unresponsive.
  • People that want to protect themselves by notifying others that they may need help in case they become unresponsive for whatever reason.
  • People that want to send post humous messages to others (with or without delays).
  • People that want to share important information with others in case something happens to them.

GHOSTMEMO® subscriptions include the ability to:
  • Send messages to your contacts when you become "unresponsive" for whatever reason.
  • Specify the period of time you must be unresponsive before we deliver your emergency messages.
  • Designate multiple emergency contacts.
  • Setup unique messages for each emergency contact.
  • Attach files for each emergency contact.
  • Designate a unique delivery delay for each emergency contact.
  • Receive SMS reminders to provide a proof-of-life response.

30 Day Free Trial Period - We are offering a 30 day free trial period for new GHOSTMEMO® subscribers. Your credit card won't be charged if you cancel within the 30 day trial period.

Signup today and provide an additional layer of protection for your family, pets, and yourself. Your pets will be greatful and GHOSTMEMO® may end up saving your life!
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