Human Inactivity Detection and Emergency Messaging Service

Send Messages to Your Family, Friends, or Enemies in Case Something Happens to You!

Protect your family, pets, and yourself with GHOSTMEMO!

If something were to happen to you...
Would your pets starve to death?
Would anyone know that you may need help?
Would your family know where to find your important documents?
Would your family know the passwords to your accounts?
Would there be anything that you don’t want left unsaid?
Would you have the last word in an argument?

GHOSTMEMO can help! We will deliver your emergency messages to your emergency contacts when you stop responding to our periodic "proof of life" email requests. You specify the maximum inactivity period that we will use to reset your inactivity timer whenever you provide a proof-of-life response. If you fail to provide a response before your inactivity timer expires, then we shall deliver your messages to your emergency contacts.

GHOSTMEMO subscription features:
Ability to send messages to emergency contacts when you become 'unresponsive'.
Ability to designate a max inactivity time period to be used for determining when you're 'unresponsive'.
Ability to designate multiple emergency contacts.
Ability to setup unique messages for each emergency contact.
Ability to attach files for each emergency contact.
Ability to designate a unique delivery delay for each emergency contact.
Ability to receive SMS reminders to provide a proof-of-life response.

30 Day Free Trial Period - We are offering a 30 day free trial period for new GHOSTMEMO subscribers. Your credit card won't be charged if you cancel within the 30 day trial period.

Signup today and provide an additional layer of protection for your family, pets, and yourself. Your pets will be greatful and GHOSTMEMO may end up saving your life!

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