We provide a way for you to send messages to your emergency contacts in the event that you become "inactive" and fail to respond to our periodic proof-of-life email requests for whatever reason (car accident, loss of consciousness, coma, kidnapping, death, arm stuck in a furnace in your basement, etc.)
How it Works
You will receive an email periodically from GHOSTMEMO® requesting that you click on a link to confirm that you are “alive and well.” If you fail to respond within your Maximum Inactivity Period, set by you, then we will assume that you have experienced a personal tragedy and will proceed to promptly send your emergency messages to your emergency contacts. We will continue to send your messages to your contacts until we receive email delivery confirmation from each of your contacts.
Max Inactivity Period
The Max Inactivity Period defines the maximum time you can go without checking in with us either by responding to our proof-of-life email requests or by logging into your GhostMemo account. When you are unresponsive for longer than this time period, we will then start delivering your emergency messages to your emergency contacts. The Max Inactivity Period is specified by you and can be changed at any time as needed. The shortest period allowed for the max inactivity period is 24 hours. If you are planning to go on vacation and know that you will have limited access to the internet, then you can increase your inactivity period as needed.
Emergency Contacts
You can specify multiple emergency contacts. Unique emergency messages can be setup for each emergency contact. The max number of emergency contacts is dependent on your plan subscription. Furthermore, you will have the option to test email delivery to each of your emergency contacts.
Message Delivery Delay
You have the option to specify a Message Delivery Delay (between 0 and 30 days) for each emergency contact that would delay the delivery of your messages when you miss your inactivity deadline. Providing a message delay for some of your contacts can be useful if you want notify contacts in a specific order. Also, in case of false alarm where you forget to provide proof-of-life and miss your deadline you can reduce the number of people that would get your messages until you check in.
File Attachments
You can also attach files to your emergency messages. The max number of files that you can attach will depend on your subscription plan. File attachments can be: PDF documents, Word documents, images, audio files, and text files.
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